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Working with government and not-for-profit organisations to inform policy and strategic decision making.

DBM Social Research recognises the importance for government agencies and the NFP sector to understand the communities in which they operate and use this understanding to drive positive change.
Our specialist government and social research team has a strong track record of delivering strategic insight through multi-source research programs, tailored to your needs.

We uncover a deep understanding of specific demographic groups and what drives their behaviour and use this insight to work with our clients to develop strategies, guide policy changes and evaluate programs.

We have particular experience in the areas of:

Customer Experience
Employment and job satisfaction
Public Health
Gambling and problem gambling
Community Perceptions
Sport and physical activity

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Head of DBM Social Research
Kerry has worked in partnership with government clients and academics for 25 years, providing expert advice and tailoring research to meet their needs. She has a strong track record, and extensive credentials, in social research and program evaluation. Analytical thinking and a solid foundation in quality, reliable and responsive methodology was laid during 15 years with NatCen - Europe’s leading public sector research institute. She is passionate about addressing inequities in public health and helping to inform policy initiatives that make a difference to vulnerable populations. Kerry has been in Australia for 10 years and is excited to be leading the DBM Social Research team to expand the social research portfolio and work in partnership with clients and collaborators. Kerry holds an BA (Hons) and MA (Hons) in Experimental Psychology from Cambridge University.
Meet the Team
Meet our team of specialist social researchers


Head of Analytics
Russell has thirty years’ experience in social and government research, including seventeen years at DBM as Head of Analytics and seven years working within government agencies. He has also spent several years as an academic researching a range of social issues. He has a PhD from the Australian National University and over 60 publications and is considered a leader in his field.


Research Director
Nicole has worked with clients from a wide range of industries over the last seven years, delivering solutions using a variety of both qual and quant methodologies. In recent years, she has specialised in ‘voice of customer’ programs in disability services. She believes in the power of thoughtful research design and innovative methodology to extract meaningful insights from ‘customers’ in all their forms, and the difference data-driven insights can make in shaping service, products and policy.


Senior Consultant
Rob is a market researcher and strategic insights specialist, with cross industry experience and a passion for social research. Previously, he has worked on projects for global car brands, Big4 finance, media and creative agencies. Alongside traditional market research techniques, he has done extensive work in digital analytics, segmentation, mapping, data visualisation, and collaborating with data partners. He looks forward to bringing those varied experiences to the new DBM Social Team.


Charlotte has worked with a diverse range of government and non-government clients over the last two years, developing her skills in delivering insights using a variety of research methodologies. She is passionate about how market research can play a vital social role, assisting businesses and governments to develop policies, services and products that are responsive to an identified need. Charlotte holds a BA in Socio-Legal Studies from the University of Sydney.


Research Assistant
Fiona has a Masters in Public Policy and is a passionate advocate for people with disabilities and their rights in a modern society. She has been working recently in the area of disability rights and conducting research, project management and consulting on policy development to both government and non-government organisations. She also has her own blog and YouTube channel where she shares details on her own experiences living with Cerebral Palsy and the impact on her speech and mobility.
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