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Go-to-market. Fast.
DBM Launchpad is a tailored report that delivers the customer inputs required for your next marketing and product strategy, quickly and with little fuss


Getting a strategic view of the market to inform your product roadmaps and marketing campaigns used to be costly and time consuming. Not anymore...


  • Critical inputs

    Jumpstart your go-to-market strategy with key market, customer and product insights specific to your bank 

  • Familiar format
    A proven model that identifies customers and non-customers most receptive to your brand 

  • Emotional Propensity Index
    Insights delivered in an easy to consume format - straight into your next strategy pack 

Based on high quality data

  • Credible 

    Powered by Australia’s most complete dataset on banking holdings, preferences and behaviours 

  • Reliable 

    DBM is an award-winning research firm of 27 years. We work with 50+ financial services brands


Enabling speed
to market

  • Low client effort 

    Client inputs are simple, low effort and likely to be close to hand

  • Quick turnaround 

    From brief to delivered report generally less than 2 weeks

  • Quality strategy -fast 

    Providing you with the vital inputs and advice so you can focus on going to market

Total Market View

  • Who has been winning customers and share?
  • Who is best placed for the future? 
  • Who is most vulnerable?
  • What is driving customer decisions?

Insights Specific to Your Brand

  • How many can you convert to buy from you?
  • What’s distinctive about your convertibles?
  • What are the personas within your convertibles?
  • What’s driving their acquisition and defection?

Practical Recommendations

  • How can your brand win over the convertibles?
  • What are the strategic implications?
  • Who should be your priority target market?
  • What should you consider promoting as your CVPs?

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