We help financial services marketers target and acquire the most valuable customers with more accuracy than ever before.

DBM Audiences are Australia's first and only digital audience set powered by a dedicated financial services customer data ecosystem.

DBM Audiences are uniquely designed to help financial services brands grow market share based on the profiling of a survey of 250,000 Australians using more than 10,000 variables - DBM Atlas.

DBM Audiences are available across multiple platforms and on all leading trading desks, DSPs and DMPs.

It is the only platform to be accurately validated against APRA, ASIC, ATO and ABS data to truly reflect the financial services market.

Core Audiences

Connecting you with your most valuable customer targets with - intent segments, interest segments, and product holding segments across many categories including:

Home Loans
Credit Cards
First Home Buyers
Personal Loans
Transaction Accounts

Among many more.

Custom Audiences

The DBM Atlas data ecosystem contains over 10,000 variables which define the offline attitudes and behaviours of a quarter of a million Australian financial services consumers. However tightly defined your target market, DBM Audiences can deliver a custom audience.

How can I access DBM Audiences?

DBM Atlas Core Audiences can be accessed via all leading trading desks, DSPs and DMPs
DBM has partnered with Eyeota enabling users of its Audiences Discovery Tool to quickly identify relevant audiences and source codes for trading desks, DSPs and DMPs. 

Visit www.eyeota.com/data-desk to find out more.

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