DBM Star Profile: Logan Walsh

November 17, 2021

We caught up with our new Media Products Manager Logan Walsh who shares what he loves about his job and his advice for up-and-coming research professionals.

An active member of the DBM social committee and known golf lover, Logan was recently promoted to Media Products Manager after almost two years at DBM as a Consultant.

“For my new role, I need to understand our clients’ needs and how our media products can help solve them,” he explains.

“On top of my business development efforts, I work alongside the DBM marketing and leadership teams on marketing initiatives and product strategy.

“I also work closely alongside financial services brands to derive insights from our data to help drive ROI from their media campaigns.”


Why he loves working at DBM

Logan’s favourite thing about working at DBM is the people (#DBMers). Working alongside such great colleagues helps foster an environment where he can thrive.

“In my role, I really enjoy bringing the Australian consumer to life using the DBM Atlas + Media Profiler dataset,” he says.

“For example, I can profile Aussies who play golf and understand their financial behaviours and attitudes.

“I help brands identify acquisition and retention pathways through marketing initiative such as sponsorship opportunities.”

Logan profiles target audiences to understand their passion-points, attitudes and media consumption to give brands a 360-degree view of their audiences. His role allows him to really understand consumer interests and behaviours and how that impacts their decision-making, which is quite fitting as he considers himself a ‘people’s person.’


What he is looking forward to

“My recent promotion is exciting,” says Logan.

“When I first joined DBM, I got involved in our media product space – while some of these products were still in their development stages.

“It’s been awesome to watch these products grow to where they are now in the market.”

Logan is looking forward to being more involved with event management such as hosting webinars for DBM’s various media products for existing and prospect clients.

“While I have experience in project management, there are some nuances in event management I’m looking forward to sinking my teeth into,” he adds.

Developing product strategies, however, is what Logan is looking forward to most. He’s excited to take a step back to think about the ‘big picture’ and how everything ties together to fit into the broader DBM strategy.


Advice: put your hand up

Logan’s advice to up-and-coming research professionals is to get involved with as much possible because working in research can be quite dynamic.

“When I started working in research, I never knew I would end up being a product manager in the media space,” he admits.

“It’s only because I put my hand up to help out with one of our media products early on that lead me to this opportunity.

“Get involved - you won’t necessarily know if something is for you unless you give it a crack.”

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