September 28, 2020

DBM partners with Nielsen to launch DBM Atlas + Media Profiler

Unlocks deeper consumer profiling, specifically for the financial services sector

DBM has today announced a partnership with Nielsen to integrate its market-leading DBM Atlas dataset with Nielsen’s Consumer & Media View (CMV) solution. The result is an unrivalled segmentation and profiling dataset that has been developed specifically for the banking, insurance and wealth management categories.

The new product called DBM Atlas + Media Profiler offers over 12,000 attitudinal, behavioural and media variables for in-depth consumer profiling - including when and how to best reach and engage key audiences.

In a rapidly changing world, DBM Atlas + Media Profiler gives marketers, agencies and publishers a competitive edge in the banking, insurance and wealth management space.  This powerful dataset will drive better data-driven decisions to optimise product development, consumer strategy, media strategy and sponsorship planning for priority audiences.

By constructing richer target audience segments using DBM Atlas and Nielsen CMV data, consumer profiles can now include expanded insights across vital attitudinal, lifestyle behaviour, banking, insurance and wealth management purchase intentions, sporting passions and media consumption preferences - all now available in the same  place for the first time.

“We’re excited to partner with Nielsen and unveil this highly effective tool for financial services media planners, strategists and marketers. As budgets tighten and media consumption continues to fragment, it is critical these professionals have the most comprehensive view of the market possible. This innovative new solution allows the optimisation of media planning specifically for financial services in a time when precise targeting has never been more important,”

Commented Kipling Zubevich – CEO, DBM Consultants.

DBM Atlas + Media Profiler unlocks deeper understanding of key consumers specific to the banking, insurance and wealth management categories. In today’s rapidly changing world, this new dataset provides essential consumer insights including how to best reach and engage priority audiences to drive better ROI,” Commented Monique Perry, Managing Director, Media & Sports, Nielsen Media Australia.

With the launch of this new dataset, DBM and Nielsen are democratising in-depth consumer and media insights across the financial services sector - enabling marketers to ensure they are always ahead of the curve.


At DBM, our research and data-empowered consulting philosophy is relied upon to benchmark the performance of Australia's most successful organisations.

We boast a rich record of experience and expertise in B2C and B2B markets across many industries with a strong focus in financial services. This is delivered via the power of DBM Atlas and DBM Audiences - Australia's most comprehensive financial services customer datasets.

The advisory power of our services is brought to life via our dedicated team of financial sector, CX, consumer and business insight, data science and analytics consultants.

For more information please contact:

Tony Williams
Executive Director - Research

DBM Consultants

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